Crown Prince of Punk-Blues Bob Log III heads up Rock n’ Roll All-dayer at The Night Owl 

In this climate of mass-marketed vanilla pop, we need mavericks like Bob Log III more than ever… so he’s coming to renowned Digbeth venue The Night Owl for an all-day Rock and Roll Party on the 11th of March.  

Bob Log III is the Crown Prince of punk blues and puts on absolutely unforgettable live shows, in a fair world he’d be filling stadiums.  Bob claims his left-hand moves so fast it can be confused for a monkey paw, and that this gives him his unique guitar style.  Or – it could just be he’s a virtuoso slide player who plays with thick strings tuned loose.  The truth is out there. 

Party-goers will be treated to the sight of Bob Log III in a specially produced helmet with a black visor – with an inbuilt mic – and a fetching jumpsuit.  He’ll then unleash a torrent of hardcore Mississippi Delta Blues, hip-hop beats and punk rock sensibilities. Bob’s distorted voice and blur of limbs add to this musical bouillabaisse, which also usually includes audience participation. 

This is – of course – an all-day event so there is full support for Bob Log III’s theatrics from a varied and brilliant selection of local artists.  First – sibling duo Black Mekon – bringing their temporally short, but sonically enormous songs – to the Night Owl stage.  The pair have been described as practising ‘dark alchemy’ because of their ability to produce such a big sound.  Next up it’s the incredibly popular Temple St Resistance, adding a touch of urban-country punk blues to the event. Heavy beat combo You Dirty Blue will also be adding to the mix with their ‘booze-fueled teenage house party’ style. 

Completing the lineup are The Devil & St Joseph – who will bring gothic, filmic Americana, with Spaghetti Western guitars stabbing through the pulsing electronic heartbeat – and The Bitter Lemons, with their rough around-the-edges surf rockabilly.  The night will end with DJs from Birmingham collectives Coldrice and Killer Wave among others.  It promises to be a rock and roll party the likes of which are rarely seen, and it’s recommended to secure your ticket as soon as possible.