Meet the new staff!

Here at Bread we’re very excited to welcome two new members to our wonderful team – Ross Carley and Annie Paul Baig, our Social Media and Digital Marketing Assistants.

Annie has recently completed her Marketing MSc at the University of Birmingham after completing a BA in Ancient History. She loves finding innovative ways to use her recently acquired academic knowledge to come up with creative solutions to any of our clients problems. Annie also has over 5 years experience in hospitality and prides herself on her customer service. In her spare time she loves to run and enjoys watching Somebody Feed Phil on repeat.

Ross has recently completed the Music Journalism BA at BIMM Birmingham, where he specialised in PR and Branding, Multimedia and Freelance Writing. Ross also performs in the band Quentin Francis as the lead guitarist, as well as being a former member of the band Echo Beach! where Ross helped their first single reach over 100,000 streams. He also frequents all the local hotspot venues as a music journalist for Gigwise and Counteract in his downtime and assists on the BIMM record label, Giant Leap Records, on the digital marketing team.

Ross and Annie will be great additions to the Bread team and look forward to helping our clients with anything they need.