We’ve been shortlisted at The Birmingham Awards

Shortlisted for best Social Media/Marketing Campaign of the Year at The Birmingham Awards.

We are highly honoured to be nominated in the Birmingham Awards 2019. As an independent business, we’re proud to be shortlisted for ‘Social Media/Marketing Campaign of the Year’ alongside some of Birmingham’s most established venues and blossoming agencies.

A selection of our top campaigns of the year were selected alongside some of the best in Birmingham, featuring some of our clients The Night Owl, The Old Crown, The Juke, Nozstock The Hidden Valley and Mitchell & Butlers. These campaigns include punchy creative, a unique physical concept and well structured, engaging social media for public launches, brand activations and more. 

Some of our campaign highlights this year include working with clothing brand Ben Sherman alongside The Night Owl, to launch Ben Sherman’s new ‘Heart of Soul’ collection. We brought 20 Northern Soul lovers to the heart of the Bullring Shopping Centre to surprise shoppers with a flash mob, wearing Ben Sherman’s new polo tops. The flash mob was live streamed across The Night Owl’s channels, amassing over 200,000 views (and counting!) before a Heart of Soul club night took place later at The Night Owl. 

We also featured The Night Owl’s first ever festival Owlstock, inspired by the seminal Woodstock. From brainstorm to execution, we handled all aspects of the festival, tailoring the concept and its marketing to The Night Owl’s audience of niche music lovers. Marketed as a trip back to the iconic festival and the 1960s, the event was a sell out that saw the club solidify its messaging of ‘nice people dancing to good soul music’.

Another client, The Old Crown, was shortlisted for ‘Best Bar/Pub of the Year’ as well as shortlisted due to our campaign. Being the oldest pub in Birmingham, The Old Crown saw its 651st birthday, celebrated with several weeks of a strategic marketing campaign. As well as a dynamic, digital creative campaign, we organised a live stunt from both celebrated street artist Jimmy C (known for his David Bowie memorial) as well as local satirical artist Foka Wolf decorating a vintage Rolls Royce parked in the renovated beer garden. The birthday garnered local and national press coverage, improved engagement with The Old Crown’s core audience and introduced a new audience due to the wild stunt, DJs, drinks activations and more. 

Some of our favourite campaigns have included launching brand new venues, each with their own incredible identity. Craft beer and record bar The Juke asked us to help launch their venue in 2018, with their original 1960’s Jukebox being their unique selling point. We utilised our knowledge of the local area and music to organically create a loyal audience for the high street bar on social media, whilst our creative team designed bespoke vintage records as press invitations. The press and launch nights were both incredibly popular, and put the independent business on the map for craft beer aficionados and music lovers across Birmingham. 

On a national front, we worked closely with Mitchell and Butlers to launch their new Very Vintage brand, renovating their country Vintage Inn’s pubs into contemporary eateries and bars. For each pub we delivered a strong social media campaign, allowing the local audience to follow along with the pub’s renovation, up until launch night. For the VIP and press evenings we organised a social media competition, awarding the best photos the account was tagged in with vouchers to spend at their new local. This, along with a creative campaign that rang true with Vintage Inn’s established branding, delivered successful and impressive launches of several pubs across England. 

Last but by no means least is Nozstock The Hidden Valley – a festival in Herefordshire that brings music fans and families together for one weekend in July. In its 21st year, we created the Wizard of Noz campaign, taking festival goers down the yellow brick road to a heavily themed and immersive experience inspired by the Wizard of Oz. The result was a sold out festival with over 20,000 guests along with a memorable experience both online and executed throughout the festival grounds. 

The combination of passion, quick thinking and utilising our unique knowledge of niche audiences and concepts helped us deliver memorable campaigns across the country, all of which we feel represents Bread Birmingham to its very core. Each campaign was special in its own right and made us proud of not only the campaign, but all the team at Bread Birmingham who worked hard to deliver something made with passion.